Saturday, July 25, 2009

vibes and stuff

school starts up in a month & i'm really not ready. all.
i'm signed up for 2 classes that i don't even need, but the ones i needed are full. i have to officially change my major. i have to take a lot of math. i don't like school.
on top of that i have to move out of one parent's house and into the other's. which i'm excited for of course, but moving is also a chore and i realized i have a lot of stuff and clothes and things and a cat.
but here is where i am really losing it:
i miss my missionary tom.
but i also miss my ex boyfriend cory.
and i miss my best friend jimmy.
who is partially responsible for making cory my ex.
and cory is partially responsible for making jimmy not hang out with me.
did i mention i miss tom?
i don't say this very often because i generally prefer the company
of gentlemen over ladies. but. boys are so dumb.


mike m. said...

I love you Elizabeth.

Jayne said...

Me too Eliz.

Tasha said...

Me three!