Sunday, July 22, 2007

everything looks perfect.

i love sundays. i don't quite know why. maybe it's because from the time i was little i've been told that 'sunday is a special day.' or maybe it's because sunday is the day in the week when i literally let loose and eat an obscene amount of food. whatever it is, i just enjoy sundays.
so, i decided to compile a list of a few other things that i just love.
[in no particular order]

-cuddling. whether it's with a sleeping kitty or a sleepy boy, there's nothing like holding someone who loves you, who needs you, & who wants to be near you. bonus points if it's cold & they are warm.

-songs with a really good intro. you know what i'm talking about. a song that gets you within the first few seconds. and if you don't know what i'm talking about, i recommend listening to 'killer's creek' by mason jennings.
also, 'such great heights', which remains to be perhaps my favorite song ever. those first few beats put me at absolute peace with the world, and remind me of everything that will always make me happy.

-laughing. of any kind. i love to laugh so hard that i can't breathe, and then i snort, which makes everyone else laugh, so i laugh even harder. but i also love every variety of laughing; giggling, out loud, so hard you cry, etc. which is funny, because to be honest, i rarely really laugh. and then when i think about it, i practically hyperventilate, worrying that i'll never think something is funny again. but then i see or hear something and i'm in stitches for a good 15 minutes longer than everyone else.

-grapes. sort of random, i know. but i'm sitting here with a bowl of grapes in my lap and they are so delicious. and they're a happy little fruit. it's like they're telling me "yeah, we're totally healthy, and we're not gonna make you sick if you eat too many. so go crazy." although i have eaten almost this whole bowl, so maybe i should ease up.

-kissing. yep. i'm saying it for all the world (or all the 4 people who read my blog). i love kissing. but i've never been able to understand why some people like to kiss so many different people. i guess because the thing i love most about smoochin' is the familiarity. there's something reassuring & comfortable about knowing that the person i've been kissing is the person i will be kissing probably forever, and there's no getting used to anything. i know how it goes. he knows how it goes. and it's lovely.

i realize this is all a random bunch of things. and there are obviously more than 5 things that i love unconditionally. but these were just some on my mind. i think i'll make more lists of various things. because there's another thing i love, making lists. so get used to it. =]