Tuesday, July 14, 2009

my first child

on july 14 2008, i was a much different person than i am on july 14 2009.
i was about 20 pounds smaller and had just gotten the cast on my broken wrist replaced, much to my dismay. despite my injury i was enjoying spending the summer with tom, getting ready for my senior year, and awaiting the arrival of morgan.
on july 14 2008, morgan wasn't here yet. but i already felt a bond with him. i felt him kick when he was still in tasha's belly and i loaned my surround sound headphones to his parents to make sure he would come into this world listening to the good stuff. i had never really been around babies a lot but i knew i liked them and i was definitely excited for this one to get here.
i don't like to get church-y on the blog (or really ever) but a few weeks prior to morgan's birth my dad had given me a blessing to try to help me out with some back to school anxiety (among other things). and in it he mentioned a connection that i would have with this new baby, and from that moment on i did feel a little bit like he was just my little guy.
throughout this past year i've felt like i had a lot more downs than ups. it was a little harder than i anticipated to say goodbye to tom, school provided more stress and challenges than i was prepared for, and it's been difficult for me to connect with people. but since his first day, morgan has made me happy. i can always make him smile, he lets me feed him and hold him even when his parents are around, he stops fussing when i sing to him, and he is always excited to see me. even people who don't know me very well (but especially those who do) tell me how obvious it is that i'm crazy about that little boy.
he was my first nephew and the first baby on either side of the family. everybody was already excited for him to come into the world, but i don't think any of us knew just how much we were missing before he came around.
so what i'm trying to say, is that morgan was one of the best things to ever happen to me. and probably his parents. and this first year watching him grow and learn and turn into the sweet little person he already is has been pretty amazing. and i'm so excited for every year to come.


Brandilyn said...

perfect perfect perfect little boy!! ms. elizabeth, i'm so happy that you have such an adorable source of happiness :)

Tasha said...

He's lucky to have you.

Jayne said...

Dee-lightful entry! You are so right.

AP said...

You are both so incredible. My first nephew just got his driver's license--it's crazy how quickly they grow up! Enjoy every moment, and take lots of pictures. Come visit me one of these days :)

k8 said...

hoo boy, don't read at work unless you want to cry.

Harini Babu said...

beautiful little boy..both of you so cute to see...so lucky to have the wonderful life..
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