Friday, April 20, 2007

oh, it is love.

hello sick day.
i realized something. there are few connections in my life stronger than the one i have with my cat, natasha. that sounds ridiculous. and i actually am quite close with a lot of people. but my relationship with natasha is different than what other people share with their pets.
natasha and i have been together a long time. about 6 years now. she has seen me through every breakdown and the times when i'm happiest. and all she knows is that she is mine. i'm the one who feeds her, who plays with her, who talks babytalk to her (much to the irritation of those around me). and so with me is where her loyalties lie. she sleeps on my bed with me, usually near my face so she can nuzzle my cheek with her nose. she sits on my lap when there are people around. she comes when i call her. she is always by my side.
this morning, for example. i am pretty sure i was about to pass out from stomach pains. so i didn't go to school. instead i've been laying in bed whining. but there was natasha, curled up next to me, occasionally looking at me and licking my nose.
she licks tears off my face when i cry for any reason at all.
she misses me when i'm away.
and she loves me. no matter what. and sure, the only reason for that is probably because it's me who feeds her. but i don't care. the fact is, for whatever reasons, it is, in fact, love. and true love lasts a lifetime. =]