Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what do you got if you ain't got love?

some things i love.

-my cameras. it's like having very tidy, very quiet children who do nothing but make art (science: take note). every one of them is different, but each is quite spectacular in its own way. i think photography is 15% talent, 10% camera, and 75% camera-photographer relationship. seriously.

-when my mom puts marshmallows in hot chocolate. it's not that i enjoy the actual marshmallows so much as i enjoy that she still thinks to put them in, because in my single-digit years i regarded mallow-less hot chocolate as pointless. i think i developed this trait from my brother. anyway, it's nice to know little things like that never change.

-sleeping with a heating pad. no, seriously. thanks to the worst stomach ache in the history of the world, i fell asleep with a self-timing heating pad that turns itself off before setting the bed afire. while the tummy ache lasted all of a half hour, the heating pad is still in my bed. mainly because it keeps my whole bed warm, but it also keeps my cat in bed all night, which adds even more heat into the equation. i now sleep in a sort of elizabeth sandwich, in which (hahah.) i sleep on the heating pad and the snuggly, furry cat sleeps on me. you wouldn't believe how comfortable it is. it's no wonder i'm late to school every day.

-'if you ain't got love'/ mason jennings.
i really wish i knew how to link to songs. because,
this is daaaaaarling.

finally, i love that it's 10.30 and i get to go to bed because i have my homework done. mostly. like 90% of it.
hey. it's a start.