Sunday, August 12, 2007

20 questions!

i know. these are usually pretty stupid. but i do a lot of them, and i found this on my friend's blog, and the questions are actually kind of meaningful. so i figured, hey, i got nothin to do.
and it took me a good long time to think about these answers, so maybe read them. and fill them out yourself, if you're so inclined.

1. if you could sum your life in a metaphor what would it be?
-an elevator.

2. what is the last book that you read that stuck with you for a while after you read it?
-fight club. granted, i just finished it last week. but it certainly makes one think.

3. who is the last person you kissed and under what circumstances?
-the person was thomas. the circumstances were that he was going back to his house.
so i walked him to the door and we kissed outside. and as they have been from the start,
and as they will be forever, his kisses are perfect.

4. what are five songs that define your life right now?
-'thought i'd have learned'/ the band of annuals.
'speak easy'/ maria taylor.
'a minor incident'/badly drawn boy.
'when u love somebody'/ fruit bats.
'adrian'/ mason jennings.

5. do you believe in a higher deity?
-i really do. it's how i make sense of everything.

6. what is your favorite simpson's episode?
-oh goodness. i don't even remember the rest of the episode. but the beginning, where
bart is being stalked by this white dog....i practically pee my pants every time i see it.

7. truth: absolute or relative?
8. what do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
-making myself happy. whether it's with school, a job, a mission, or a wedding.
i want to be successful, or in the process of making myself successful, in life.
9. what are your thoughts on taking drugs?
-illegally? against it. i've seen it ruin lives that meant something to me.
legally, though, i'm all for it, if you have some control.

10. free will or determinism?
-i think both. obviously you choose what you do every day, but
i think there's something that sways you to choose one way or another.

11. can love be reduced/explained by brain chemistry and if so, does it matter?
-partially, maybe. i'm sure that has something to do with love, but in reality,
i think we don't know a thing about why love works like it does. it's something
that can't be seen or measured.

12. what is your favorite movie of all time?
-i won't lie. it's moulin rouge. i like the story, and the music.
and i like all the memories i have attatched to it.

13. what are your favourite 3 books?
-the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. about a boy.
harry potter and the chamber of secrets.

14. what are the top 5 shows you've ever been to and what was so great about them?
-keane. favorite band, amazing performance.
of montreal. i went with my brother, and we had pure unadulterated fun.
the futureheads. those boys can dance.
maria taylor. she's a great performer, and tom sang to me too. =]
ben kweller. first concert. he sang 'happy happy joy joy' to me. seriously.

15. if you had to choose one, would you describeyourself as an optimist or a pessimist?
-i'd like to think optimist. i generally lean towards pessimism, but i think in the end,
i try to find the good in things.

16. what does 4 a.m. feel like to you?
-terrible. 4 a.m. is meant for sleeping. peaceful, comfortable sleep.

17. are you happy?
-yes. not 100%. but i am happy. i have nice things, amazing family, wonderful friends.
and the most amazing boy in the world. my life isn't perfect. but it's quite lovely.

18. did you have any dreams last night and if so, describe one:
-last night? i don't remember. i've been having some crappy ones lately, though. =[

19. how do you feel about geriatric euthanasia?
-honestly? i'm for it, if they're for it. if someone is in such pain, and are at an age
where nothing can really be done for them, they should have the chance to end it peacefully, rather than waiting for death. i think it can be calming for the family to know that the person they cared about had control over their suffering, and was able to go when they were ready.

20. what are you afraid of?
-spiders. airplanes. failure. rejection. math. horses. heartbreak.
things that i've dealt with that hurt too much to go through again.


i think when you find someone who will sit on the bathroom floor with you
when you think you're gonna puke, you've probably found the one.