Sunday, June 24, 2007

the tummy theory.

when i am feeling low, i have many remedies. usually depending on the severity of my case. i talk to friends, i listen to good music, that sort of thing. and all of these things help, quite a bit. but there is one thing that will cure any ailment.

i have what i call a healthy and what others call a creepy relationship with my cat. you all know this. there is a lot of love between us. granted, i often want to throw her out a window when she rips up paper and spreads it around my room, or when she whines at the door for food, only for me to walk through the entire house and find her bowl full. but most of the time, it's one big snugglefest.
her tongue is rough, but she licks the tears off my face.
her claws are sharp, but when her little paws are pressed on my feet when we sleep at night, i know it's love.
and this is why few things, if anything, can lift my spirits like
laying next to my kitty and burying my face into her tummy.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

sweet sixteen.

the difference between fifteen and sixteen is huge. which is weird, because most of my friends turned sixteen way before me, and it wasn't a big deal. i never felt inferior or anything. (not true: any time i have to hitch a ride from one of my friends with a car, i feel like a complete idiot.)
and every friend who turned sixteen before me never seemed different than they did the day before, when they were still fifteen. even molly ringwald didn't seem any different in sixteen candles.
i think it's more of an internal change. sixteen is when you really start to feel like an adult. obviously you're still living at home, and your elders still make a lot of your decisions. but there's so much more freedom and responsibility.
and i don't even think that's why i feel so different. at fifteen, i had a pretty good idea of who i was. the clothes i liked to wear, the music on my ipod (which reminds me, today is also my one year anniversary of having an ipod.), the people i wanted to be around. but now, at sixteen, everything just seems to fall into place. i definitely know what my style is. i know who my friends are, and whose influence/opinion matters to me. i guess....i don't know. this feels like a whole new chapter of my life, and i'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome.