Wednesday, November 15, 2006

dear paul smith of maximo park.

i am very much in love with you:

and i like when you make faces like this:

and i like when you jump like this:

i especially like when you make faces whilest jumping:

and i won't deny that i'm fond of your comb-over:

oh, it is love.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

happy birthday, kathryn.

so my oldest sister had a birthday yesterday.

i'm pretty sure katie is one of the most amazing people
anyone could ever know.
i've been sitting here for probably 15 minutes
trying to list all the reasons why she's so amazing.
but honestly, there are too many.

(although to name a few, she served a mission,
graduated college, worked for the olympics,
she travels, she runs marathons, she has a
career and she's good at what she does, she has
killer taste in music, books, art, etc., she's
totally a social butterfly, her blog is probably
a million times cooler than mine,
i mean really the list goes on and on.)

if i'm half as beautiful, successful, independent,
and smart as my sister by the time i'm 30,
i'd be pretty well off.
so i guess all i need to say is
happy birthday katie,
and thank you for being so effing rad. :]

Sunday, October 08, 2006

oh natasha.

reasons why my cat is better than most people these days:

-she's just so adorable.

- she will always love me, regardless of
how stupid i usually am.

- she doesn't care what i look like or what i'm into.

- she will always cuddle with me.

- she can't talk and therefore will not
give me attitude or tell me what i'm doing wrong.

- she's forgiving if i make a mistake.

- she can tell when i'm upset, and cheers me up
by licking my hand and curling up in my lap.

- she needs me. she absolutely needs me.
if i were not here she would not survive.
and it's nice to know i'm needed. :]