Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the science of sleep, round two.

woodrow wilson had a sheep named old ike who chewed tobacco.
i didn't think sheep liked tobacco.

i think my sleeping habits are split evenly between those of a 5 and 85 year old.
some nights i want to stay up soooo late, just to see how long i can go. but by around 11.30, i'm pooped and i give up.
and some nights i crawl into bed around 9.00 and even though i'm still tired the next morning (because you can sleep for days on end as a high school student but you are perpetually sleepy.), i am the envy of all my friends.
the older you get, the cooler it is to go to bed early.
("man, i fell asleep at 8 last night!" "no way! i'm so jealous.")
to be honest, i hate staying up late. somehow i manage to do it almost every night, just hanging around. sort of doing homework. constantly eying my bed. i'm not even doing anything useful.
so here i am, 11.26 pm. the 5 year old in me says "come oooon!! let's stay up all night. it'll be so much fun. fun fun fun." (but these days fun is actually replaced by homework.) the 85 year old says "go to bed, you. and drink lots of milk because we don't want osteoporosis."
i guess tonight i'll listen to the 85 year old because the 5 year old is getting bored and sleepy too.
(however, now i've been thinking, maybe i am just an 85 year old at heart. i have the 'crazy cat lady' thing down, i wear old people shoes, and i don't especially like loud noises. but this is a thought for another day.)
and now 20 minutes later, i'm definitely going to listen to old lady elizabeth.
i'm hoping next time i stay up late i do something even remotely productive.

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tom said...

your writing is perfect. i never get bored or want to click away. it's enticing and beautiful and i wish you to continue to write even until you are an 85 year old woman. i love you.