Saturday, March 15, 2008

hit me baby one more time.

my sister emily posted a blog recently with her top 25 (narrowed down to 10, actually) most played songs on itunes. so i took a look at mine:

1. those anarcho punks are mysterious/ against me! (27)
2. carolina/ ben gibbard (26)
3. sunshine/ g. love & special sauce (25)
4. new slang/ the shins (22)
5. between the bars/ metric (18)
6. candy shop/ andrew bird's bowl of fire (15)
7. pints of guinness make you strong/ against me! (14)
8. thrash unreal/ against me! (14)
9. heretics/ andrew bird (14)
10. frontier psychiatrist/ the avalanches (14)

to clarify, there are only 554 songs currently in the library, and probably 50 of them are my mom's christmas albums.
that means i only listen to about 504.
anyway, i'm always looking for something new to listen to, so i'm officially open for suggestions.


k8 said...

oh i have some ideas...

RWest said...

the airborne toxic event (band name) song: sometime around midnight...oh and check out their myspace too