Saturday, March 03, 2007

soul mates.

i always thought of a soul mate as the person you are going to marry.
it makes sense. but maybe the whole 'one person for everyone' isn't just about marriage.
this is the part where i sound like an idiot for not remembering, but i thiiiiiiiiink it was
aristotle? socrates? crap. i can't think. anyway, it was one of those fellas who said that
you're born with half of your heart. and somebody else has the other half. so there is
one person out there who can complete your soul. and i've always loved that. it's so nice.
but i always thought about it as "there is one boy out there who i will grow up and marry
and he's going to be the only person in the whole wide world for me" and this is probably true.
but what if that's not what aristocrates meant by someone having half of your heart.
case in point? my best friend thomas.
this boy completes my soul. he is the one who makes me whole,
who makes me happy, who makes me everything i want to be.
there is no one who will compare to him.
does that mean he's the one i will grow up and marry? i sure don't know.
but it does mean that he's the one i'll always want around.
no matter how my life plays out, he's the one i need to make sense of it all.
he has my heart. and whoever comes in and out of my life, he's the one who completes me.
ily, tom. bff. =]


tom said...

you. i cannot even believe it. i love you. i love you. i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlie Bojangles said...

This is so touching...
And while it not be the case in, case...
It was beautiful.
Thank you.

AP said...

This is too cute. I'll have you know I had to start my own blog to tell you this. You may have created a monster.