Sunday, March 18, 2007

everybody hurts.

i love to see strangers cry. that sounds weird. and i guess it is. but i have good reasoning.

there are some days when i feel empty, lost, alone, exhausted, etc. i see people at school or in cars or in the grocery story and wonder if they know i'm going to go home and cry in my bathroom. and i wonder if that's what they're about to do too.

everybody has crappy days. and for the most part, everyone has their own group who know about the bad days. but as far as the rest of the world goes, nobody knows about the breakdowns, the times when nothing goes right, the times when we can't help but collapse into a friend's arms and cry. and it's times like that when it can't be possible that anyone in the world feels as bad as you.

and that's why i love to see strangers cry. i see countless people every day. some with regularity, but generally there are always new faces. i don't know anything about them. i doubt they know anything about me either. but we all have things to deal with. we all have people to stand by us. so when i see someone cry at school, on the street, the airport, etc., i think about what their problem is, who's helping them through, and how wrapped up in everything they are that they don't see the strangers watching sympathetically, wondering if they should help.

basically, when i see strangers cry, it pulls me out of the feeling that i'm alone, or that anybody is ever really alone. everyone around has their own bag of issues. everyone breaks down. everyone cries. everyone hurts. i wonder if everyone thought about what the people around them go through, if we would all hurt a little less.


Jayne said...

You are never alone, baby bug, even when it really feels like it. And you a re a very good friend to others who feel lost.

k8 said...

who ARE you??? you sound like such a grown up : )