Friday, February 13, 2009

the naming of things.

it's officially valentine's day. i think it's kind of a silly holiday, because love is not just for lovers. now we all know that if tom were here i would likely be singing a different tune, but this year on valentine's day i'm thinking of the other things i love. granted, i still love this guy:

but i also love my friends who have been so supportive and understand through a pretty rough patch:

and i love my family, and would rather hang out with them than just about anyone in the world:
particularly i love my nephew, who cries when i leave the room and smiles when i sing to him and who has more good in his little soul than anybody i've ever known:
and i love riding my bicycle. i don't do it as much as i should or as i would like, but i do so enjoy a good bike ride:
and i love my cameras. there aren't many things that i love as much as photography. i feel confident and happy when i'm taking pictures and i don't think i will ever have too many cameras..
i know it's just a little handful of things..but it's those little things that get everyone through the day anyway. i miss tom so much i can barely function sometimes, but i as far as having a heart completely full of love goes, i think i'm doing alright.


Brandilyn said...

ms. elizabeth, i admire you. and i think you're a total cutie.

k8 said...

lots of stuff to love indeed. i love YOU.

Jayne said...

Very nice!