Friday, July 25, 2008


i am a super boring person. this is something i've discovered recently and i'm even so boring that i've just accepted the fact rather than tried to change it. but i've also discovered that i can make myself sound sort of interesting.
but here is proof that i really am a little bit of a snoozefest.
(i found this on my cousin's blog. one of those "fill it out and send it around" things. i had to indulge.)

1. doing laundry.
2. playing dominoes.
3. snow.

1. spiders.
2. horses.
3. failure.

1. lotoja.
2. grow my bit of long hair so i can braid it.
3. clean my room.

1. cameras.
2. cats.
3. fabian cancellara.
i'll let you guess what i collect and what's an obsession.

1. one side of my ribcage has an extra bit. i call it crazy rib.
2. i have a cousin on my dad's side that i didn't know about.
3. my boyfriend and i have 10 cameras between us and only 2
of them are digital.

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k8 said...

if you are so boring then how come i always want to be is.