Sunday, October 15, 2006

happy birthday, kathryn.

so my oldest sister had a birthday yesterday.

i'm pretty sure katie is one of the most amazing people
anyone could ever know.
i've been sitting here for probably 15 minutes
trying to list all the reasons why she's so amazing.
but honestly, there are too many.

(although to name a few, she served a mission,
graduated college, worked for the olympics,
she travels, she runs marathons, she has a
career and she's good at what she does, she has
killer taste in music, books, art, etc., she's
totally a social butterfly, her blog is probably
a million times cooler than mine,
i mean really the list goes on and on.)

if i'm half as beautiful, successful, independent,
and smart as my sister by the time i'm 30,
i'd be pretty well off.
so i guess all i need to say is
happy birthday katie,
and thank you for being so effing rad. :]


Rod Clifford said...

That's a very nice tribute to your sister. Not to worry - you have the stuff it takes to match Katie accomplishment for accomplishment, but you won't have to match anyone because they'll be your own achievements.

k8 said...

little bug-you are already about 85 times more confident and self-assured than i was at your age. i'm pretty sure your path to 30 is going to rawk.
but thanks for making me feel like a total rock star today...